Ongoing Projects

  • Chaskis

    • Plugin-based IRC bot framework written in C#
  • SshRunAs

    • A tool that allows one to run a command via SSH while allowing one to specify a username and password via environment variables.
    • Windows only (Use sshpass if on unix).
    • Written in C#
  • Cake.ArgumentBinder

    • An addin to Cake that allows one to bind command line arguments to properties in a C# class.
  • Cake.LicenseHeaderUpdater

    • An addin to Cake that allows one to mass update the license headers in source code files.

Other Websites

Other websites I own

"Done" Projects

Projects that are no longer getting updates.

  • HVCC_Clock Twitter

    • A Twitter bot of my community college's clock tower that chimes every hour on the hour.
  • Commuter Tracking Sensor Net

    • A wireless sensor network that will utilize computer vision and mesh networking will be used to track the usage of the Lehigh Valley trail. The network will be comprised of a series of modules that use image sensors to recognize commuters and their modes of transportation. Additionally these modules will communicate with one another to determine which entry and exit points commuters are using to access the trail. The network will have a gateway node that allows the data to be back-hauled to the internet. This data will then be stored via cloud storage and accessible via a web interface.
    • This was my Senior Design project at RIT.
    • Source Code
  • Pathfollowing Example

  • Ghosts!

    • This was again me messing around in Unity3D for an RIT class. The spooky ghosts must return to their graves. They use pathfinding and pathfollowing to do this.
    • Source Code (including instructions)
  • Rit’s Most Interesting Locations

    • An interactive map written using the Leaflet.js library. It shows all the cool and hidden features at RIT.